5 Frame Nucleus Colony with Mated Queen

5 Frame Nucleus Colony with Mated Queen


Nucleus Colony :  5 frame working hive of drawn comb, brood nest, pollen,honey and Italian/Carniolan cross bred bees with a mated laying queen.  Colony includes a free plastic corrugated EZ Nuc carry case, seals tightly and is reusable. Pick-up only.  WE ARE SOLD OUT for the 2022 spring season. Next available date is 7/8/22.

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    Nucleus Colony includes five full frames of Italian/Carniolan cross bred bees with a mated queen.  Colony includes a FREE plastic corrugated EZ Nuc carrying case which seals tightly and reusable. Available for pickup only  : Friday and Saturday from 8am to 5pm thru June

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    We stand behind our products 100%. All of our bees are state inspected and certified healthy. Any  concerns or questions about your bees, call Terry Weaver at 252-249-6170.

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    PICK-UP ONLY. You will be contacted to confirm your order and pick-up date by phone and email.