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What is Honey?

Honey is a sweet viscous material produced by bees from the nectar of flowers, composed of glucose and fructose with small amounts of vitamins, proteins and enzymes. 

What is creamed  honey?

Honey that has undergone controlled granulation to produce a very finely crystallized honey which spreads easily at room temperature.  Also called whipped honey. 

Why does honey differ in flavor in various locations?

Every area has a unique flower or plant system . Each flower nectar has a different flavor.  

Does Honey or Creamed Honey need to be refrigerated? 

Neither Honey or Creamed honey should be refrigerated.  Keep away from direct heat or sunlight. Store at room temperature. Creamed  Honey and raw honey have a shelf life of ten years or more if stored properly.

Is Honey good for allergies? 

Yes; regular consumption of raw honey helps build one's immune system which contributes to overall good health as well as a resistance to allergies. 

Why does honey granulate?

When honey crystallizes or granulates, the simple explanation is that the two sugars (glucose and fructose) separate.  This occurs in all honey.  Different honeys granulate at different time, i.e. Tupelo honey can sit for years without granulation because of its high fructose content.  When granulation occurs, simply place in a pan of hot water for a period of time. Do not microwave.

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